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Avery Dennison Neo Noir Gloss Black PPF

Be inspired by a new wave of wrap and design artistry.

Introducing neo,™ our new innovative hybrid wrap and paint protection film line.

The neo line of films are so bold, the possibilities of your imagination and creativity are endless. neo revolutionizes how to protect paint from stone chips and road debris while adding artistic touches to a vehicle. Create special accents or transform a roof and hood with our uniquely 3D conformable film that has an exceptionally smooth finish.

The first in the neo product line, noir is a distinctive black color film with noticeable color depth, richer black pigment and excellent high gloss finish. neo noir and the neo line of hybrid films are a unique polyurethane and adhesive technology that gives your vehicle an OEM paint like finish while protecting it from harmful daily elements.

Available in 60″ by 50' lengths.  Cut downs also available.

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