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Avery Dennison Supreme Defense Gloss PPF

Avery Dennison® cutting-edge Supreme Defense™ Gloss paint protection film provides invisible vehicle protection against stones, stains, dings, scrapes, insects and other environmental damage while retaining its color and finish.

Gloss PPF Install Hero Image 2.jpg
Key Features of Avery Dennison Supreme Defense Gloss Paint Protection Film
  • 10-year durability and weathering protection​

  • Ultra gloss, high transparency fi lm that won’t yellow, peel or blister

  • Next generation hydrophobic top-coat repels water and dirt for easy cleaning and low maintenance

  • Perfectly balanced installation with the right amount of conformability and adhesive tack

  • Ultimate stain resistance and effortless self-healing

  • Forgiving adhesive allows for easier installations.

Available in 24″, 30″, 36″ wide rolls, by 100′ lengths, and 60″ by 50' lengths

Cut downs also available.

As an installer, you will appreciate the adhesive properties that assure a strong bond, while minimizing lift lines and adhesive distortion such as “raspberries.” The flexibility also makes compression marks a thing of the past.

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