Ceramic Pro for PPF & Vinyl

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is a clear, multi-layerable, nano-ceramic liquid coating.  When cured, it will transofrm itself on the surface to a slick, flexible glass shield acting as a protective barrier to the substrate it is applied to.

Less maintenance

With the added slickness of the coated surface, contaminates such as bugs, dirt, and tar are less likely to stick to the car's film, making washing the applied areas less labor intensive and less frequent.

Key Features of Ceramic Pro for PPF & Vinyl

Protects the surface

Ceramic Pro for PPF & Vinyl will help prevent or significantly slow down the etching process from elements such as bird droppings and tree sap.

Extended lifespan

The UV protection from the coating, in addition to the prevention of contaminants from entering the porous surface, will increase the film's longevity by minimizing the yellowing process.  This yields clearer film for an extended period.

Availability and Application information:

Ceramic Pro for PPF & Vinyl is available in: Base Coat & Top Coat.  Each type comes in a 50ml bottle.  

Coating protocol is as follows:

Gloss/Pearlescent/Chrome Vinyl:

2 layers Base Coat + 1 Layer Top Coat

Matte/Satin Vinyl and Matte PPF:

1 layer Base Coat

Textured Films:

2-5 layers Base Coat + optional 1 layer Top Coat

Paint Protection Film

1 layer Base Coat + 1 Layer Top Coat

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